Security Agents Patrol Feuding Abi Communities

logoSecurity agencies,  have put the seeming palpable security situation in Usumutong and Ediba communities of the last few days, under firm control, can reveal. In apparent response to the dicey situation of late Sunday and early Monday this week, government is said to have despatched a combined team of security personnel to patrol the entire area and allay the fears expressed by many that a communal feud was in the offing between both communities in Abi Local Government Area of CRS.

In Ediba yesterday, sources say “most schools did not open as people were afraid that flash attacks may take place. Some families even left to neighbouring Itigidi and Ugep for safety reasons, but the arrival of the security personnel has somehow deterred other families from fleeing Ediba”. Now that the situation is under control, “we can begin multiple processes that should get us to the root of this unfortunate matter”, a security source told

Unconfirmed sources say a few individuals have gone missing in the last few days but “it may be too early to say this as some people may be in hiding and not missing”, another security source said.

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