Woman Caught Stealing Meat, Slapped By In-law

Things happen in this odd world and this story is definitely one in a million. A housewife reportedly got her fingers burnt recently, when she allegedly attempted to steal a piece of meat from a neighbour’s soup pot in Sapele, Delta State.

The woman, a mother of three it was revealed, gained access to the soup after her neighbour who was preparing it left the pot on the fire unattended and went into her room to pick up her cellphone which was ringing.
meat of pot
Our light fingered housewife darted into the kitchen swiftly while the other woman was speaking with her caller but was caught by another neighbour who had been watching her movement from a distance.
Confirming the incident, the owner of the pot of meat, said the hot piece of meat fell from the thieving housewife’s mouth after she was slapped by her brother-in-law and she allegedly confessed to have been carried away by the aroma emitting from the pot of soup.
Family sources said the latest incident is not the first as the woman has been involved in several cases of petty stealing for which her husband (name withheld) threatened to send her packing.

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