Why Professor Benedict I. Ita Should Be The Preferred Choice For Vice Chancellor, University Of Calabar

Benedict Iserom Ita

It was Thomas Paine who during the trying moments of the United States political life averred that “those who expect to reap the blessings of freedom, must, like men, undergo the fatigue of supporting it.” That can be likened to our present circumstance in the University of Calabar, Cross River State. Never in the history of Unical has the need been more painfully felt to summon into action those who are truly men of achievement.

Sound ambition, genuine efforts, in remitting commitment to scrupulous professionalism and excellence, sheer tenacity combined with a rare blend of humane values prevail the guiding principles that have prepared and catapulted Professor Benedict Iserom Ita from his humble begining to the zenith of his career.

Born on 10th April, 1967 in Aningeje, Akamkpa, Cross River State, Professor Benedict I. Ita began his education at the Presbyterian Primary School, Akim Qua Town, Calabar, where he obtained his First School Leaving Certificate in 1979. He was admitted into the Immaculate Conception Seminary, Mfamosing, Akamkpa and successfully obtained his GCE in 1984.
He proceeded to the University of Calabar, Calabar for his higher education and earned a B. Sc. (1989), M. Sc. (1994) and Ph.D (2000) respectively in Physical Chemistry.

Professor Benedict I. Ita’s ability to distinguish himself among his contemporaries stems from an uncanny dedication to his calling and profession. By dint of hardwork, he grew step by step and matured into leadership. Professor Benedict Ita began his working career with the Federal University of Technology, Yola as a Junior Research Fellow during his NYSC from 1989 to 1990. He joined the University of Calabar as a Graduate Assistant in the Department of Pure and Applied Chemistry, from where he rose through the ranks to the prestigious rank of a professor in 2010.

As an academic/educationist of excellence and a man of integrity, his professional and public life have helped nurture his students at both undergraduate and post-graduate programmes to a logical refinement of their careers and studies.

Indeed, Professor Benedict Ita’s researches and teaching experiences as a scientist have carved a niche for him in Physical and Theoretical Chemistry. Nevertheless, Professor Benedict Ita’s works stands out comparatively with a mixed grill of attributes including but not limited to:

1) Synthesis, characterization and application of nanomaterials in biodiesel production, trapping of pollutants, decolorization of water by adsorption, cement matrix, catalysis, biomedical research, etc

2) Corrosion and Corrosion inhibitions of metals.

3) Solutions of Relativistic (Klein-Gordon and Dirac) equations and non-Relativistic (Schrodinger) equation using various methods.

4) Solutions of linear and nonlinear differential equations using various methods like Homotopy Analysis, Adomian Decomposition, Variational Iteration, Differential Transform, Elzaki Transform methods, etc.

Professor Benedict Ita has served the University in many diverse capacities:
1). Secretary, Strategic Planning Committee, Faculty of Science, Unical.

2). Head of Department of Pure and Applied Chemistry, Unical.

3). Chairman, Central Time Table Committee, Unical.

4). Chairman, Committee of Deans, Unical.

5). Chairman, Senate Vetting Committee, Unical.

6). Dean, Faculty of Physical Sciences, Unical.

7). Acting Vice Chancellor, Unical, etc.

As a man from a humble background, the quest for a platform to satisfy the yearnings and aspirations aspiration the University community has driven him to join the ongoing race for the exalted office of the Vice Chancellorship, University of Calabar. Being a scientist and a visionary technocrat, Professor B. I. Ita has the vision to move the University of Calabar to a new level of growth while consolidating on the gains of the past and present occupants of the office. Specifically, in order of priority, his mission statement shall anchor on:

1). Staff and students welfare.

2). Promotion and Implementation as at when due.

3). Creation of alternative means of income to boost IGR outside subventions from the Federal Government.

4). Strengthen Unions – Management relationship with the view of creating a conducive teaching and learning environment.

5). Encourage collaborative research and linkages with the aim of enhancing visibility and ranking in line with global best practices.

6). Strengthen resource/infrastructural facilities in lecture halls and offices.

7). Attract funds for research and sponsorship as well as training and re-retraining of staff towards positioning the University to respond to the the 21st century demands, inter alia.

There is no doubt that today, our University is going through perilous times which requires a pragmatic and focused driven leadership to nip things in the bud. Therefore, it is in the light of the foregoing that support for Professor Benedict Ita is a support for progress, integrity, freedom and a purposeful leadership. He is enigmatic, yet quintessential as he has the capacity to accommodate a mix grill of attributes. He is an academic, scholarly, yet simple and real. He makes friends with ease and does not loose them readily. He can be trusted to watch people’s backs and a he in turn trusts people with his. He is principled and friendship to him is sacred.

In the social and political milieu that convenience and personal considerations determine political conduct, Professor Ita is motivated by principles and the highest values of truth.

Courtesy: Friends Of Prof. B. I. Ita.

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