Why Obioma Imoke Should Not Run For Senate

Sources within the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, in Cross River State have informed calitown.com that if the people behind Obioma Imoke’s rumoured senatorial ambition were to forge on with their plan, “her role in having the PDP concede leadership positions in the last council polls to women on a platter of gold, will work against her”. This submission one source said is because, “even when it was clear that the decision to let most of these women run unopposed was not a popular one, she pushed it through and denied several male aspirants the chance to run for these positions and be rest assured that it will be pay back time if she throws her hat into the senatorial race”.


Again, the source continues, “the person who presently occupies the Central Senatorial District seat in the Senate, Victor Ndoma-Egba, is an unmistakable son of the soil while Obioma is a Cross Riverian by marriage”. The latter argument calitown.com pointed out to the source, is a weak one but the source was quick to say, “call it whatever you want to call it but the reality on the ground is simple, if she emerges as the senator representing the district, it will mean that no Cross Riverian except one married into the state, has enough credentials to represent the state in the senate”.

“They have been in government long enough and it will not be out of place if she does not run. If she runs, she will be telling so many Cross Riverians that only the Imokes have brains that can run the system, they deserve to take a break and let us roll without them for a while”, another source submitted.

It is becoming likely that remarks of this nature may become a constant feature in the state as the political clock ticks close to the 2015 dateline.

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  1. Whilst I support women in politics and I applaud Obioma’s many achievements particularly in the recently concluded LGA elections where she used her power and influence to ensure that many women gained political relevance, however I would be the very last person to support her own political ambitions. Obioma is not a Cross Riverian and I cannot support her ambition to take political will away from indigenious people. It goes against every political principle. If she decides to run for political office in her home state, I do not have a problem with that. Secondly, if her running for political office is based on her husband’s political achievement’ts then she would not be representing anyone ecxept herself and her family. I cannot also support this. But she can do what Daisy Danjuma and Patricia Ette have done. They represented their own communities, Daisy represents the people of Edo state and Ette then represented the people of Ondo state not Kaduna state or Akwa Ibom state people where theirc spouses come from. Obasanjo’s indigenisation policy of 1979 is still active, Obioma is aware of this, and must be careful how far she pushes the boundaries before she throws herself and Central SenatorialDistrict in chaos. Anyway it is only a rumour as reported.

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