Who Will Tell Governor Ayade? PART 1.

By Richie Romanus

Essayist, Richie Romanus, pens an open, thought provoking piece to Gov. Ben Ayade, as the furore generated by the PDP’s release of Ward and LG Executive list for CRS continues.

I have decided to give this piece this title because of recent political happenings in the State especially the just released Ward and Chapter Executive list of the Party. I intend to be as frank and blunt as I can be because that is what the governor needs now and not the chants of ”digital’ digital, digital” as most people will always hail him each time they want to deceive him.

Sometime in Febuary 2020, I warned against a possible crises in the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) in the State ahead of the Congresses if care is not taken. I titled that piece ”Forthcoming PDP congresses; a make or mar” (sic) I raised very serious and germane issues that were at the core of bringing peace to the party but as usual, because I was not praise singing or calling the governor all the names he likes to be called, I was not taken serious. Today, see where we are!

Since the list came out, I have seen a few of my friends who are aides to the governor vow that the list will not stand. One in his characteristic manner even went as far as saying that, he should be called a bastard if it stands. This is my worry with most of them. In an attempt to ensure that they don’t eat their words after vomiting them, they tell the governor all manner of lies, misleading and making him take uninformed decisions in the process.

I love Ayade and God knows I do. I owe him nothing but to tell him the truth anytime, any day. First, Governor Ayade must concede completely that he made a grave mistake by allowing himself to be arm twisted the way he was in the last PDP primaries. I had always known that it was a mistake that was going to haunt him. Truth is, when you allow a wrong precedence to stand, especially when you have what it takes to fight it, you unknowingly create room for it to repeat itself. This is exactly what has happened.

Sincerely a governor that has a former deputy governor that has been a one time Secretary of the PDP in the State, two serving commissioners who had also served in the Party as Secretary at different intervals, a Senior Special Adviser, Political, who also served as Deputy Chairman and very experienced politicians at his beck and call, should ordinarily serve as his think tank when it comes to Party matters of this nature. He should never be caught off guard as it is with this case. Whether Governor Ayade likes it or not, there are people who consider politics as their profession and know how to get certain things done just like he is in Business and academics. No man knows it all and yes not even Governor Ayade.

One of my favorite quotes from the late elder statesman, Maitama Sule is, “the old without the young breeds greed and vice versa”. I understand that the governor is working so hard to give young people a pride of place in his government but whether he likes it or not, he needs the experience of the old politicians to get desired results but unfortunately, this has not been the case with him since his administration came on board rather, it has been a clear case of youthful exuberancr even on very serious matters.

May I also remind Governor Ayade that he is a second term governor whose constitutional 2nd term is going to elapse by May 29, 2023, hence the support he gets from 80% of those around him today is from their head, some their ‘Stomach’ and not their heart. These people believe that in less than three years to come, he would have outlived his usefulness. I am sure he doesn’t need me to tell him that as at today, there is a 99% possibility that most of his aides with 2023 ambition(s) may have started re-aligning. Nothing spoil. It is simply politics.

Again, what has been his relationship with the National Assembly members that are today daggers drawn with him? How has he treated critical stakeholders of the Party from Obanliku to Bakassi? What about party members who left their various villages and communities to Pelegrino Hall in Calabar to give account of elections in their polling units? How has he treated them almost a year after? What about his friends? I mean the ones who stood by him when it mattered? Where are they?

If Governor Ayade can answer these questions and sincerely so, then he can conveniently and comfortably lead a reconciliation but anything short of this, nawao!

Lastly, let it be known to Governor Ayade that, majority of his aides are happy about the latest happenings. In the words of one of them “I am happy it happened. Him go sit up”.

Until the part two of this article comes up, I wish him luck in his next plan of action.


Essayist, Richie Romanus, wrote in from Calabar.

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