Where To Wind Down On A Weekend In Calabar

Weekends undoubtedly offer us an opportunity to rest, even unwind.  Unfortunately after the eat in meals at home and in-bed hours, boredom can set in. If you are in Calabar and really bored, these are a few places where you can run the clock down this weekend.


Tucked deep, on the edge of Calabar is the luxuriantly alluring Aqua Vista Resort. Brace up for their traditional ‘point and kill’ fish serving with fresh coconut water. Enjoy the charm of a boat ride or just saunter around the large property enjoying the lapping sound of the surging ocean waves. Whatever you choose to do, it will take boredom away.


Noise hub at night, ghost ‘town’ by day. This upscale dance bar is a pleasant place to relax when the noise is all gone and the silky sounds of slow grinding music take over. You can recline lazily on their comfortable furniture, watch cable TV and sip on a good bottle of wine or just plain larger.


The ‘koko‘ is at the Olympic size swimming pool at this hotel that constantly houses Nigeria’s Golden Eaglets. There is an in-house DJ, hitting the wheels of steel with musical precision. And because it is a little away from a bubbly Calabar, it prides itself with just the right kind of exclusion for you and your beau.


Ancient turned modern, apt description for this place. It has a long tradition of preparing until lately, the best ‘Isi Ewu’ Calabar can offer. The owners seem to have taken the place a few notches up, doing some interior decor and repositioning the place. If you do not find parking space when you get there, try harder.


Aggressive marketing and positioning is the game. Haba, these chaps have a chain of upscale supermarkets and now they have added spice to the fast food business by offering ‘Isi Ewu’ and ‘Nkwobi’, on the side. We don’t know where they are but if you find them, give us a call.


In the days when Calabar use to be ‘hot’, this was and still is the place to be. The drinks are always cold, the service competitive and the roasted fish…, we don’t know. Forget the N100 they charge at the gate, just swing in and you will know you are in the right place.


Maybe it is a mature crowd, ‘Isi Ewu’ and drinks that you want. Plain and simple, try Kitchen Klass. It has been around long enough and bothers not about competition because those people who go there have been going there for long and it seems the only place where they can go to… old habits certainly die hard, you will say.


It combines the ambience of the overlooking Calabar River with a slave trading background going back ages to produce a timeless environment for all categories of people. Now there is a cinema there and more lass swag. If you want a boat ride, don’t hesitate; it is all in your pocket. Catch the drift?


You do not tell a man what is obvious. Tinapa has what it takes to tickle everybody’s fancy, compulsively. Bask in the glow of chilling in Africa’s premier business and leisure resort and take in not just the view but also all the other things in place to make your thrill swirl.


You wouldn’t know if we didn’t tell you. ‘Half Time’ is at the U.J ESUENE stadium and it is cranking hot, especially when you need a place to train your gaze on whatever, short ans simple.

If you didn’t see what you were looking for, try harder. Hahahahaha!

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