“What I Will Do With That N13.5m Per Month” – CR Senatorial Aspirant

Ray Morphy

As the dust raised by controversal Nigerian senator, Shehu Sani, concerning the N13.5 million drawn by senators, Ray Ugba Morphy, hoping to get the nod at the polls and represent Cross River Northern Senatorial District in Nigeria’s Senate, has outlined what he will do with this sum of money if he is elected.

On his Facebook wall, Morphy wrote that, “I will employ 108 persons as Ward Development Officers, that is 2 persons ( one male and one female) from each of the 54 wards of Northern Senatorial District. Monthly bill= N5.4m!”.

He also revealed that, “I will train-for-skills (not the current scam called empowerment) 20 more individuals per ward per annum. So from the 54 wards, I will train 1080 in relevant skills per annum. Monthly cost is N5m. Already, I have built Morphy Academy of Arts, Science and Technology (MASTECH) OGOJA! … I will make available gratis grants to 54 women petty traders and farmers per month. This will require N3m #monthly. Total = N13.4m. Commences June 2019!”.

While he promises to “hold public disbursement sessions monthly” as part of the national cake sharing, he concludes by stating that he be held accountable if he does not deliver on these promises when elected …”You can save this and hold me to this pledge…” were the words.

Meanwhile, varied comments have trailed and continue to trail Morphy’s submission. Liz Udie, commented thus: “The problem is not in the SAYING, it is in the DOING.Buhari almost promised us free passage to heaven, but where are we today?? No Nigerian politician has ever kept his words, me inclusive.. We make the promises and then get there to see it’s a different ball game..we even get overwhelmed. Leave that grammar.. All na wash.” Frank Kintum, who also commented, maintained that the idea is, “Very Commendable. I only have issues with employing 108 persons. Sounds Ayadeish!”.

But one Coleman Gboshe, believes Morphy can achieve this; he wrote, “This is the type of politics we are talking about, tell us what u will do, how you will do it and when u will do it. Ray Ugba has proved he has all it takes to achieve his dreams of serving his constituency as senator. As a result, we all must support him.Our mumu don do.”

Bassey Ekpenyong, who also commented, went philosophical; “My people says, (sic) a bird will always sings (sic) sweet melodies when it had nothing in his mouth.(sic) I am not doubting you ooo!”, just like James Odaudu, who wrote; “My brother, it’s easy for you to articulate this plan because you have ‘a second address’ unlike most Nigerian politicians who have no other jobs. It’s their livelihood, and this informs their gluttonous self-serving dispositions.. I stand with you on this.”

Morphy is running under the All Progressives Congress, APC, platform.

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