Want A Pleasant Xmas In Calabar? … Read This!

All too soon the season is here; that time of the year when Calabar, the Cross River State capital works like a 24 hour clock. Yes, DECEMBER is here and with it comes an endless stream of activities to delight residents and visitors. While all of this goes down, calitown.com points you to a few things you must be on the look out for so you can add pleasure to your Xmas ‘flex’ treasure.


Human and vehicular traffic is normally roof top about this time in Calabar. The reason is simple, more and more people pour into the city to explore the exotic pleasures the city beholds. Traffic will normally be thick in the heart of town and major routes like Calabar road, MCC, Marian road, IBB Way, Mayne Ave, Goldie/Mount Zion can become a real pain in the ass for drivers and commuters. The good news however is that, if movement is properly timed, all will be well. So, avoid driving through the mentioned routes (unless it is unavoidable) between the hours of 7.30 am till 9.30 am, and 4.00 pm to 8.00pm, weekdays. Think up alternative routes and you will be just fine.



If it is just anywhere to stay, lots of places are in Calabar, but lots of good places will be difficult to come by because lots are already sold out. Those still available will go for a cut throat price and if you are eyeing decent accommodation in the days, considered run in to the Calabar Carnival, better make lush financial plans because the prices more than triple around that time. It is still possible to get a good bargain if you make reservations and pay on time or you could explore the possibility of staying at a friend’s place, that however is if such a friend isn’t expecting other family members and friends.


Simple economics is at play here; the higher the demand, the higher the price. But then, at the Xmas Festival village and several road side pubs, drinks will be sold at “pump price”, like they say in local parlance. Find a place that suits you and fit in, you don’t necessarily need to have every drink at an upscale pub to make a fleeting impression.


They say it in Pidgin English, “no be everybody wey go park dey travel“. While you are out to catch some fun, a few others are watching to see if they can cash in on a few security slips on your part. Now, make sure you leave no valuable in your car and take care to double-check all car door locks and wind up full when you park and want to roll. Ensure too that if you are leaving your house for any of the time of the day, you have taken time to lock doors and shut windows properly. Don’t let anybody deceive you into believing that there are no fast fingers in Calabar, yours may be the first case.


If you drive a fast car or a turbo-charged power bike, just have it in mind that Calabar has no race course. It means therefore that you must drive or ride within city approved limits so you don’t endanger your life and the lives of others. However, if you insist on going against this particular advice, several agencies operating in Cross River State were created for situations like this. In one sentence, “these agencies can be ruthless in dealing with traffic offenders”, calitown.com has warned you.


If you are visiting Calabar, forget about insisting that the place becomes like where you are coming from; chances are that if it does become like where you are coming from, you will go elsewhere, just like you have left that place for Calabar. If on the other hand you reside in Calabar, just work at keeping the place stable and don’t push for outlandish adjustments to impress guests and friends. That way you won’t be unsettling the equations that add up to making CALABAR a place to actually Come And Leave And Be At Rest.

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