Vena Ikem Runs Back To The PDP, Ayade Receives Returnee

L-R: Ayade and Ikem, at the occasion.

Chieftain of the All Progressives Congress, APC, in Cross River State and one-time National Publicity Secretary of the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, Venatius Ikem, has defected back to the PDP in circumstances that have been described by political watchers in the state as a “consistent back and forth movement”, reveal.

The ardent critic of the Ben Ayade administration, while addressing a mammoth crowd at the Obudu council headquarters, venue of the defection with close to 3000 APC supporters, described the APC as dead in the state. Ikem was particular that in his local Obudu, the APC has been “depleted irreperably.”

“Each time I see PDP people I frown, they think that I am still angry with them and I say, why are you filling my space? Leave me to fill the space so that you know there was APC and I know that I have the capacity to collapse it, we have done so today,” Ikem disclosed. Expressing self believe that he adds value wherever he finds himself, he insisted that, “we will do more than collapsing APC in Obudu, as I have come. I come with my full heart with everything I have and I will work for Ayade unconditionally. The party I ran to has proven to me to be worse than what I experienced in PDP. My anger was maltreatment and I was getting worse than I got where I was, so, I told myself, let me go back to my house.”

The crowd at the occasion.

The returnee, who was at one point a Commissioner for Works in CRS, maintained further that, “I believe that we must constantly add value wherever we find ourselves and fill the gap wherever we find one. To me, that is the only thing I can do for you as I have no money or any other special thing to do for you during the campaign.”

To Ayade, Ikem said: “I know the resistance you may face or have, we can muster and harness them to add value for your return as the governor as we hope that with us together, you will continue to represent us well.”

State Legal Adviser, Pius Awah, who received Item and other defectors, said Ikem’s return to the PDP ” is a great occasion for us because one of our sons whom we thought was lost has come home. We welcome him and his supporters and promise that none will be marginalized.”

Deputy governor, Ivara Esu, speaking at the occasion remarked that Ayade was one who does not go to bed even when he is the one offended, pointing out that “only a few people act like that in this world.” He charged the returnees to support the return of Ayade and never allow anybody to distract them.

A visibly elated Governor Ayade described Ikem as one who adds value, brings capacity, intellect and a loyal person, adding that “this is somebody who can fight, can give his right eye to defend someone once he is committed to a cause. He doesn’t double speak and I respect him for that. If he is not with you he is not with you. He is a very good politician who will first select those he doesn’t need as enemies before making friends. I am very smart and when I see a smart person I know him, Vena Ikem is one and truly he is going to bring value.”

“The man is politically diminished and appears to have found desperate accomplices. You can even see in the widely circulated video of the defection that he goofed and shouted APC, when he wanted to shout PDP. Isn’t it laughable?”, one APC chieftain told while swiftly reacting to the defection.

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