UUDA Set To Impound Vehicles In Ugep

Samuel Bassey, Exec. Sec, UUDA
Samuel Bassey, Exec. Sec, UUDA
Executive Secretary, Ugep Urban Develpoment Authority, UUDA, Samuel Bassey, has exclusively informed www.calitown.com that his office will in the next one week commence the towing and impounding of immovable vehicles parked in the area as well as those parked at unauthorized places in Ugep, the Yakurr local Government headquarters.

Bassey is also insisting that this exercise has become necessary to rid the Ikom/Calabar highway of vehicles obstructing the free flow of traffic as well as those defacing the aesthetics of the town. “We have long served notices to owners of these vehicles to remove them and those who have refused to comply will have themselves to blame in the long run. In carrying out this exercise, we have consulted with the Obol Lopon of Ugep and several well meaning residents of the area and they will lend support to this exercise”, he said.

On the renewed vigour showed by UUDA staff in the discharge of their functions in the area, the Executive Secretary added that the vigour is tied to the recent release of funds by state governor, Ben Ayade, for the payment of a backlog of stipends owed casual workers by UUDA. He again maintains that the governor’s gesture clearly demonstrates his commitment to the welfare of this category of people.

Pressed for information regarding the demolition of several illegal structures in the area by UUDA, Bassey said the demolition has become necessary to tackle the recent rise in the construction of illegal structures in the area that has seen several residents of Ugep put up structures in places that should ordinarily not harbour structures of that nature. “My office is committed to ensuring that the right thing is done. Those who have sworn to violate and deface the structural nature of Ugep will soon discover that their attempt will be stiffly met by my office”, he concluded.

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