Usumutong/Ediba: Hostilities Resume

Copy of NEW LOGO OF CRSThe communal clash between Usumutong and Ediba communities in Abi Local Government Area, CRS, may have taken another bad turn with sources on the ground informing about the possible engagement and involvement of mercenaries from neighbouring Yakurr. This information may be justified after it emerged that the mercenaries tactfully staged a mid-morning attack on a few persons on their way from Ediba to the weekly Tuesday market in Ugep.

“The attack, mounted from the Ediba/Ugep boundary was targeted at most of the people who will go to the market in Ugep and it took us all by surprise as we did not believe that anybody will want to stage an attack on the federal road passing through Ediba”, one source said. Ironically, Senate Leader, Victor Ndoma-Egba was in both communities today preaching peace when the mercenaries made their move, it was revealed.

The situation in the communities has seen most natives leave the area to neighbouring communities and even those still on the ground are said to be constantly on their toes as both Usumutong and Ediba continue to unleash a barrage of guerilla attacks on each other. Government seems at a loss in finding a one off solution to the problem behind the clash. Some people spoken to are of the opinion that government should go beyond arresting and detaining people on both sides to making both sides commit to an all embracing peace agreement. “Government went there and took the land away from both communities, on radio. What has been concretely done after that?”, one source asked. “It is shameful that this conflict has become intractable in Liyel Imoke’s time as governor, he needs to be decisive with this situation”

Sources in government circles insist that a permanent solution is within touching distance, how long that is cannot say.

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