Usumutong And Ediba Bare Fangs, May Fight

dangerIt looks likely that unless security agencies and the Cross River State government take decisive action, the people of Usumutong and Ediba communities in Abi Local Government Area, will go to war and this is authoritative, sources have revealed this evening.

At the centre of this unfortunate situation is a piece of land both communities lay claim to. While several attempts have been made in the past to resolve this issue, sources say the attempts have been “half-hearted and inconsistent”. One source lamented that, “it is too much of a situation for the Bahumono people. We are yet to resolve the Ebom/Ebijakara conflict and now another conflict stares us in the face; if we do not do something now God knows the fire in Bahumono will raze everything in sight”.

Unconfirmed sources say the seeming infraction has already consumed her first victim, an Ebom man, believed to have been shot in the farm. A few other people have matchet cuts to show after people believed to be from neighbouring Usumutong mounted illegal roadblocks in an attempt to fish out indigenes of Ediba. If this is confirmed, Abi LGA would have joined neighbouring Yakurr and Obubra LGAs in experiencing the ugly side of a communal conflict.

At press time, sources said security agents were gearing up to put the situation under control.

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