UGEP: Immigration Officer Stuns Burial, Shoots One Person

An officer of the Nigeria Immigration Service, NIS, identified to as Richard Eteng, this afternoon in Ugep, Yakurr Local Government Area, Cross River State, stunned a large gathering of people at a prominent burial in the area when in the midst of an argument, he repeatedly shot another young man, can report.

Our reporter on the ground discovered that the Immigration officer, armed with a service pistol, “attended the burial with a clear mindset that he was coming to shoot our friend”, we were told.

Further investigations carried out by revealed that Richard Eteng engaged the services of the victim and gave him a lump sum of money for the roofing of the officer’s private residence in the area. Irked by the fact that the victim was yet to deliver, several weeks after he was paid the money, Eteng became enraged. “Someone informed Richard that the victim will be at the burial, prompting the officer to visit the venue, on the Ugep/Ediba Road, about three poles from the Ugep Police Station”, one source on the ground informed.

Continuing, our source revealed that when he sighted the victim, he approached him and took him to an uncompleted building within the vicinity of buial event and reportedly shot the victim thrice, at point blank range. While one shot missed the target, the remaining two shot aimed at the victim, gravely shattered his legs, leaving him unable to move until the crowd at the burial came to his rescue. The crowd also descended on the Immigration man, disarming and then beating him to a pulp, leaving him for dead.

Several persons in the area who volunteered information, condemned Eteng’s action and wondered why he would resort to taking the laws into his hands when he would have reported the matter to the police in the area. “How many people have gone to shoot him after he collected money(s) from them, promising to help their children join the Immigration Service, but finally unable to deliver? So he turns around and shoots our friend because of simple roofing sheets that would have still been delivered. He cannot escape justice, I must tell you”, our reporter overheard someone at the venue say.

At press time, late Saturday evening, the Immigration man and the victim were receiving medical attention as their conditions remain critical.

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