UCTH Issue Letters Recalling Sacked Doctors

Copy of the reinstatement letter
Copy of the reinstatement letter
Several days after www.calitown.com published a story to the effect that Resident Doctors in the University of Calabar Teaching Hospital were yet to resume work at the hospital owing to their insistence that hospital authorities must issue them reinstatement letters, it can now be revealed that authorities of the hospital have done just that.

In a letter titled “Re: Suspension Of Residency Training Programme And Sacking Of Resident Doctors”, dated 2nd September, 2014 and signed by Thomas U. Agan, the doctors were referred to their suspension letter of 15th August, 2014 and further intimated of the “…lifting of the ban (on the residency programme) and reinstatement…with effect from 28th August, 2014”.

Continuing, the letter communicates to the doctors that “this letter supersedes any other communication on this matter” while hoping “…that in the interest of our patients and your training…”, peace and harmony will be fostered in the hospital.

While patients have received this news with joy, some doctors who are yet to receive their re-instatement letters are still staying away from work, insisting that they can only return when they get their letters. One doctor, on condition of anonymity, told www.calitown.com that “getting us back to work is a small fry compared to the my raid of problems confronting the hospital. We will go back to work but will that help patients get test results when there is no light for the hospital lab to work?”, a veiled reference to the power challenges in the institution.

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