Two CR Communities Make Peace, Forge On

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The intractable communal conflict between the Ediba and Usumutong communities in Abi Local Government Area, Cross River Central, appears to have been finally resolved after both communities performed the spiritual hand washing ceremony and agreed to sink their differences as well as live again as brothers and sisters, can reveal.

Onun Nicholas Odum, the paramount ruler of Biase Local Government Area and initiator of the peace initiative, advised both communities to eschew the bitterness of the past and work towards ensuring that never again will lives and property be destroyed at the slightest provocation. He prayed that God who made the hand washing ceremony possible, will stand by the people and plant genuine peace and reconciliation in their hearts.

When he spoke at the occasion, Okon Agbara, Head of Local Government Administration, Abi LGA, thanked the paramount ruler for intervening in the matter and added that the peace process he started four months ago has finally yielded the desired result. Agbara, also declared at the ceremony that after consulting with the Ovai Usas of Ediba and Usumutong communities, the major road linking Usumutong to Ediba and to several other parts of the country, closed by the conflict, was now open for use again.

Ovai Usa of Usumutong and Paramount Ruler of Abi LGA, Solomon Osim Edward and Uvara Imong Anani, Ovai Usa of Ediba, both expressed appreciation to Agbara and the Paramount Ruler of Biase for their untiring efforts geared towards bringing peace to their communities, promising to maintain peace at all cost.

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