Truck Conveying Dead Goats To C’River Intercepted

The dead goats slung to goods carried by the truck.

A truck conveying hordes of dead goats, travelling from the Northern part of the country and destined for the livestock markets along the Ogoja/Ikom/Calabar highway, has been intercepted at the C’River/Benue border by government agents and security personal stationed at Gakem, CRS.

Sources in the area informed that even though the truck driver and occupants of the vehicle could clearly see that a sizeable number of goats in the vehicle had died, they was a rather bizzare desire in the truck to convey the goats to a livestock market in the state where the goats will be sold off for half the price.

Resolute government officials and security personnel at the Gakem checkpoint are said to have vehemently denied the truck entrance into the state, turning it back and insisting that the truck returns to wherever it was coming from. “These people are very wicked. You can imagine that with us all yet to cope with the COVID-19 pandemic, these people are transporting dead goats to our state. Unknowing, our people will go to one or two or even three goat markets in this state and purchase goat meat that has loaded capacity to spread infections or illnesses that we may be unable to medically handle, so we just had to send them back”, a source in Gakem told us.

Unfortunately, the Gakem crossing point is becoming notorious with several trucks in the last few days attempting to dump scores of street urchins from the North of the country, popularly referred to as ‘Almajiris’, in CRS. Observers have maintained that herding of these urchins is a deliberate attempt by certain elements to violate government’s attempt at making the state pandemic free, hopefully for now.

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