TRAGEDY: Relation Shoots Relative To Death At Vigil

murderWhat was supposed to be a vigil in honour of an elderly man turned into a tragedy late Friday night when a young man (name withheld) was shot to death in circumstances sources say may not be unconnected with local cult activities.

We gather that while the vigil which was held in Ijiman, Ugep, close to the Yakurr local council premises commenced without any hitch, the deceased and his group of friends had gathered and were sporadically shooting into the air in what a source on the ground says was “their way of showing they were a tough bunch of guys. While caution was thrown to the wind as the young men indulged, one of them is thought to have released a hail of bullets into the air, unknown to him however, one cartridge was still lodged in the gun’s chamber. As he brought the gun down, a round was released, killing the deceased on the spot.

Police in the area say the young man who killed his relative is still at large while the corpse of the deceased has been deposited in the morgue. Investigations are however continuing to apprehend the culprit.

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  1. This is really sad. It’s about time there is some educate ourselves and our youths about Gun control. Obviously seems to be an accident, however if there were no guns at their disposal, this incident would not have occurred. Really really sad to read such.

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