Top 8 Areas To Live In Calabar

Cities the world over have sought after areas for dwellers and often developers cash in on the attraction these areas command, ploughing in huge investments and reaping attractive investment turnovers. A couple of factors that range from security, accessibility, viability, etc, influence the choice of such areas and just so you may know, from’s poll conducted in Calabar, these are the Top 8 areas in Calabar. Let us count down.

First developed in the 70s, the State Housing Estate in Calabar, right in the heart of town is home to the mighty and a spattering of the less mighty. It is secure, has well tarred interconnecting roads, at the last count, three parks and an expansive area that commands a six-digit asking price, inch by inch. There is a police station there that is just a click away and many exciting places where you can unwind, if boredom can’t let you be. Those “wey sabi”, like they say in Naija don’t just flirt with this place, they live there.

After the Cross River State Government developed her State Housing Estate, it threw the powers at the Federal level a challenge and the Federal Housing Estate became the answer to that challenge. It has most of the features the State Housing Estate has but gets behind the former in a few areas. Those we asked specifically told us that it is easier to locate a place in State Housing Estate than the Federal Housing Estate. Hmm, it maybe debated, but this place comes in at No. 2.

No. 3- EKORINIM 1 & 2
The pressure on the city to expand, as well as new found cash in the hands of so and so, has thrust Ekorinim to the third spot. Until one time CR governor, Donald Duke brought his magic wand to bear on this part of Calabar, it could aptly be tagged a backwater, “…but ask about it now, google Ekorinim…” and what you will see is eye popping. Top architectural designs, high fences, more and more sprouting buildings and then add the security presence that the Nigerian Army Ampìbious Training School brings to this place…em…this place just must sit pretty at No. 3.

Satelite Town sits at No. 4 with a story that’s like Ekorinim’s. Calabar needed to expand, the area was picked out, government pitched in with the support, private hands hit the ground running and the area was built up. Perhaps the greatest beneficiaries of this development have been students of the University of Calabar, who have moved into several hostels built all over the area whose distance to Unical is just like the distance from the eye to the nose.

No. 5- 8 MILES
8 Miles is the gateway to Calabar, mysterious by sight, abundant to touch and restless in spirit. It use to be disorderly because of the miserly presence of an indigent population. As you read this, things have changed and loads of people have taken up private residence there. Find out how much a piece of land now cost in 8 Miles and you will know the place is in demand.

On both sides of a greater length of this stretch of road are thick mangrove swamps that have not deterred developers. The virgin nature of this area is in fact the one plausible reason people are headed to this part of town. And because not many people have moved into the area, the few persons that way, enjoy public power supply that is unprecedented in Calabar. When sought to know why, we were told that, “dem never begin overload the transformers as people never plenty”. Catch the drift?

Not many people will agree with this but our poll places Anantigha in the seventh spot. Anantigha is in Calabar South, often an unpleasant place to be when the street urchins are in full flight, but take that one negative variable away and you can get to experience the thick richness of communal Efik living … no more, no less.

At No. 8 is Etta Agbo, which plays host to the University of Calabar. The reverberating domino effects of the university’s siting in the area are visible and allied services are always within touching distance. A couple of public transport concerns taking you to virtually all parts of Nigeria, compliment the ambience of this place which closes our countdown.

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  1. Okay, I would not have picked Anantigha or any where in Calabar South for that matter, but as you said, take everything out and you’ll experience true Efik living.

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