“Tinapa Resort Has No Light”, Guest Cries Out!

A guest attending the Night Delta Development Commission, NDDC – Civil Society Organization, CSO, European Union organised dialogue at the Tinapa Hotel and Resort, has taken to Facebook to decry the level of poor services seemingly offered at the resort.

Cerebral but controversial Akwa Ibom State based social commentator, Michael Matthew, attending the event, wrote thus: “I am tired, tired and truly tired!!!!! How can a Hotel like Tinapa Resort, Calabar not have electricity for over an hour?”

He went on to reveal … “Electricians battling with the generating set I won’t allow in my personal home, how much more a multi million dollar investment like Tinapa.”

Independent investigations by www.calitown.com show that the Resort is struggling to survive, especially with a debt burden that can cripple any A-list outfit. Patronage too of the Resort, appear to have hit rock bottom because several support services are either lacking or unavailable.

On condition of anonymity, one source at the Resort informed that, “…even the state government has looked the other way while things go bad. Her level of patronage here hasn’t been worth the while, she prefers to use Transcorp instead of this place. They don’t seem to be bothered that business hasn’t been bolstered here.”

The technicians at the Resort working on the generator. Credit: Michael Matthew

Pictures attached to Matthew’s post and copied by www.calitown.com, show two men, later identified as technical hands at the Resort, trying to get the generator working again, an exercise we hear is a recurrent one at the Resort.

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