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The office sits on the top floor of a one-storey building in a sprawling premises on 111 Ndidem Usang Iso Road, better known as Marian Road; unarguably Calabar’s upscale business ‘avenue’, if you are short of words to describe the place. It is here that Azom Ayang Ayang set up Zolex Phones, a one stop shop for top of the range phones and accessories. Ayang tells that the products on offer have a    stamp of quality, stress free warranty packages, after sale services, even money back guarantees.


Ayang informs that his Zolex Phones concern is in business because “GSM services are a somewhat lifetime experience or even that customers will impulsively respond and embrace phones that satisfy their desire for a good product”. Beyond that, he believes that other than Calabar, no other place in Nigeria, has her combination; a secure and safe place where the sophisticated wants and need of a rising stream of customers is met with compulsive ease by outfits like Zolex Phones.

A look around the whole place reveals an investment that has been painstakingly put together and nurtured overtime with powerful forward thrusts, visible. We are concerned and want to know what it costs to venture into the business and Ayang insists that we first factor the going price for shops on Marian, before drawing up the products budget. Pressed further, he informs us that “six digit provisions should be made as start up capital”, and in all sincerity, it is the baseline’ considering the array of phones, tablets, i-pads, mac-books etc on display.

Some phones from the zolex collection
Some phones from the Zolex collection

When we confront the Zolex CEO, seeking to know how he gets by with the taxes for his kind of business, amazingly he submits that “it is important that we pay taxes so that government can provide the type of infrastructural support that will in turn help enhance our business operations”. For those who may want to delve into this kind of business, Ayang insists that, “the person must be consistent, deal in original products and avoid the temptation to cut corners”, it is advice that his 18 years spent driving this business have availed this Computer Science major of.





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