“There Was No Robbery At Ecobank Calabar” – Bank

robber1Confirmed Ecobank Calabar sources have informed www.calitown.com that contrary to news that made the rounds late Wednesday afternoon into the night, that there was a robbery attempt on the Mary Slessor, Calabar branch of Ecobank, the situation responsible for the security cordon around the area today was not a robbery.

“What happened was that a suspected notorious kidnap kingpin was spotted by our security cameras trying to make a withdrawal at the automated teller machine (ATM) in the bank premises. Somehow, security personnel were alerted and they responded. We suspect that before they arrived, the suspect had taken off. It is important to say that the suspect did not enter the bank; if he had entered our bank we are sure he would have been apprehended”, our source stated.

Residents around Mary Slessor and adjoining streets took to their heels as gunshots fired by security personnel who arrived the scene, were heard. Vehicular traffic was also obstructed as some drivers and passengers abandoned their vehicles and took flight. At 8:38 pm, Wednesday evening when our correspondent called in, normal life had been restored around the area even though security presence was still visible.

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