The Return Of ‘Scoto’ The Councillor


Owoche Sunday Onah, better known as “Scoto” first appeared on on August 16, 2013 at the peak of the CR local government political process leading up to the LG polls. As he sat that fateful day and told us of his desire to “be the functional bridge between government and his people, spearheading and positioning their articulate desires”, he cut the picture of a young man built with the innate qualities to serve and better the lot of his people. Troubled as he looked that day, he still was optimistic that God will grant him victory at the polls.

Several months after and on the heels of a successful election that has seen him elected as the Councillor representing Yahe in Yala LGA, CR’s Northern Senatorial District, Owoche makes a return visit to to as he put it, “check up on old friends and thank you all for the support you people have shown all these while”. First, his phone call announced that he was around the corner and within minutes, his knock on the door confirmed “Honourable” was indeed here.

His steps were measured; agile like always and purpose driven. He spotted an impressive combination of colours; a white trouser, a white suit, a deep red shirt, boldly polished black shoes and a black belt to match. His petite frame was magnified by his trademark lush black hair, trimmed to perfection. He did not leave behind two items, his blackberry phone and I-pad. On close examination it became clear to the crew that our man was indeed spotting in his combination of clothes, the colours of his political party, the PDP. We point him to that and he quickly tells us that, “yes, with pride I have to wear the colours of my party, you all know that I won elections on the platform of the PDP and nothing can stop me from advertising my party at the slightest opportunity”.

In no time, we want to know from him how it has so far been, being a councillor. Hear him; “I am a councillor who lives among his people, I have refused to go and stay in Ogoja, considered away from my people. It is deliberate because if I live among my people, it will be easy for me to evaluate and appreciate the problems of my people with a view to seeing how I can help address problems so identified”. It is perhaps to demonstrate this that he  is in Calabar “to see how PHCN can help restore light to my community and also help give us new transformers”. It is spot on.

He prefers not to talk too much and tells us that, “with the good working relationship that the Legislature has with the Executive in my LGA, in the coming months, the people of Yala will have so much to thank God for and this is a promise”. It is indeed a ray of hope and we also pray like all well meaning people will pray that this all turns out right. Lo and behold, The Return of ‘Scoto’ ends with the exchange of pleasantries.


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