The Premiership Returns… See Some Facts!


The return of the Premiership is unarguably the most anticipated antidote for somewhat boring weekends, that is if you are a football fan. It is a football festival that is followed and celebrated all over the world.

Here on www.calitown .com, we have sourced a couple of facts about the Premiership and think it won’t hurt if you knew a thing or two about the EPL. Indulge!

¤ The Premiership started on the 20th of February, 1992 and Brian Deane of Sheffield United scored the first goal.

¤ 38 games are played in the full season and only seven teams, Arsenal, Aston Villa, Chelsea, Everton, Liverpool, Man. United and Tottenham, have never been relegated. 45 different teams however, have spent at least one season in the English Premier League, EPL.

¤ Arsenal are the longest residents in the top flight, having been there since 1919 while Chelsea has the biggest salary structure at about $286 million.

¤ The Premiership trophy was designed by the Royal Jewellers of London and it weighs about 25 kilos. It is 76cm tall, 43cm wide and 25cm deep. Unfortunately, the trophy has never been won by an English manager. Sir Alex Ferguson and Kenny Daglish who have won it as managers are both Scots.

¤ Teddy Sheringham scored the first and only goal of the five live broadcast of a Premiership game while England goalkeeper, David James, has played the highest number of EPL games.

¤ 63% of the players in the Premiership are not British, just like Americans are the majority shareholders in five EPL teams; Arsenal, Aston Villa, Liverpool, Man. U and Sunderland.

¤ When Arsenal win on the opening day of the season, they finish an average 3rd, every time while Man. U and Chelsea have a superb opening day record. Man. City has only recently been able to pick up first day wins.

¤ For the EPL season opening today, Man. City, Swansea and Arsenal have registered the highest number of players; 57, 45 and 44. West Ham at 22, Hull and Southampton at 24 as well as Chelsea, Spurs and Newcastle, tied at 26, have the least player registrations.

It may not be all you hope to see but we just think the EPL facts we have put together should put you in the right frame of mind for a fantastic season of football.

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