The Calabar Micheno Scam And The Phone Conversation You Must Listen To!

Michael Eke

Biase Local Government Area of Cross River State born Michael Eke, is the President of Micheno Multipurpose Cooperative Society (MMCS), a cooperative society which he claims, leverages on international trading investment platforms to generate 50-80 percent Return on Investment, ROI, for her investors. The cooperative receives capital from its members and spreads it across the different trading platforms, and every 40 days, they pay out 50 per cent ROI generated from the different platforms.

In Micheno’s investment plan, members who deposit N100, 000 are to earn N150, 000 in 40 days; N200, 000 to earn N300, 000 in 40 days; N600, 000 to earn N900, 000 in 40 days; N1million to earn N1.5 million in 40 days; N2 million to earn N3 million in 40 days. Amounts higher can be invested but will be in multiples of 1 million.

While the cooperative started as a Swiss Golden marketing group on WhatsApp, through a massive media advertising mix, her membership grew to more than 13,000 members in 36 different WhatsApp groups and a Telegram group. Michael and his team created a website, registered the busines and gave it a corporate outlook; even advising investors to register with N10, 000. Several investors gave Michael’s outfit various sums of money until reports say investor’s cash hit the billion mark.

The businessman that he is, Michael tacitly brought to his firm, Aya Mbakara, better known as MC Mbakara, a compere and comedian who has a large following within Calabar and beyond, to authenticate his investment and buoy up deposits.

Money rained in and Eke, believed to be in his mid thirties, lived large and appeared successful until his firm could no longer pay investors bogus sums as ROI. The long and short of all of this is that Eke has gone into hiding while investors have gone berserk.

In the midst of all of this,, obtained a very revealing phone conversation between Michael Eke and MC Mbakara, that certainly situates the roles played by this two and who takes the blame for all that has gone down.

This is a must listen to: CLICK BELOW TO LISTEN.

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  1. I once said, if you lie today, you need to lie tomorrow to cover-up today’s lie. The truth is gradually coming out. I feel for you though… But, I feel more for those whose home is destroyed, those who are buried, those jailed, those who can’t pay fees(can continue school) all because of micheno. Michael! You must pay.

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