The Best 5 Places To Buy Fuel In Calabar!

Fuel, is the four letter word for that general purpose liquid at the centre of most of our activities. Begin to imagine how far you will go on that journey if the car you are travelling in has no fuel or even how well you can run your business or power your house when PHCN gets wobbly, as they always do. Now, Premium Motor Spirit a.k.a petrol, is probably the greater part in a fuel family that has Kerosine as a cousin, Diesel as a nephew, gas as a second generation niece and then all others as family members. Ok, semantics aside, if you want to buy petrol in Calabar, check out thees Best 5 Places to go to.

Built in the mould of the famous NNPC mega stations, those who put this station together, located it in a great place, the new Parliamentary Road extension. When there’s fuel scarcity in Calabar, this tank farm backed station always has a seemingly endless and affordable petrol supply that crackles this town to life. You also cannot refuse to recognise the service with a smile disposition of their attendants.

The station sits opposite the Calabar Sports Club, on the Murtala Muhammed Highway as you enter Calabar. The owners of this station, have since opening shop, can reveal, employed a simple customer satisfaction strategy which has in turn drawn to them, a steady stream of customers. Their metres have ‘refused’ to be tampered with to a hurting level and for sure their petrol is better than what a couple of stations around them sell to customers; it is the reason for the long queues you always find there while other stations stay empty.

Don’t get it twisted, Oando has a chain of stations in Calabar but the one opposite the U. J. Esuene stadium just about stands out. Their fuel metering is good even though you need some patience with the attendants. Don’t ask us what the attendants do just get your top up and zoom off.

This station is in the premises of the Psychiatric hospital on Calabar Road, Calabar, clearly away from the ‘tenants’ of the hospital. We know that not many people know about this station but it is there, working and servicing the needs of staff and the general public. The metres…? They are correct.

It came to town with a buzz and appropriate metering. Everyone in Calabar who could go there, went there and life has never been this good. On the Murtala Muhammed highway where the station stands, an endless stream of cars ensure that the drive-in and drive-out routine doesn’t cease.

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