Suspected Phone Thief Nabbed In Akim

Emem Moses after the mob attack
Emem Moses after the mob attack
For Emem Moses, suspected to have stolen a handset at 19 IBB Way, Calabar, early this evening, what befell him after he was caught in the act, is better imagined. A reporter who happened on the scene reports that, Moses had entered one of the shops almost opposite the Akim Police station and pilfered the phone, only to be immediately accosted by a few persons who saw him carry out the act.

While interrogating him, the young man in his 30s attempted an unsuccessful escape which somewhat drew a crowd to the scene. As attempts to get a clear picture of the suspected theft continued, it became clear as question after question was thrown at Moses, that he may have committed the crime. A search on him proved the crowd right and may have been the cue for the barrage of attacks on the victim that followed.

When the reporter left the scene, policemen from the Akim division were effecting the arrest of the suspect, bloodied by the mob attack.

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