Suspected Armed Robber Burnt To Death In Ikom


A suspected armed robber was in the early hours of Thursday, August 24, 2018, badly beaten and burnt to death in Ikom, Cross River Central, after he attempted to rob a commercial motorcyclist, can report.

Our source in Ikom who sent in an eye witness report maintained that the suspect, wielding a locally made pistol, matchet and torch light, flagged down the unsuspecting commercial motorcyclist, shot him and attempted to make away with his bike. The now wounded and bleeding victim, mustered courage and obstructed the suspect’s attempt to get away, raising alarm in the process. The alarm is said to have alerted the mob which apprehended the suspect and beat him to a pulp.

“Even when the police was informed, it looked like them self (sic) were tired of this boy who has been terrorising us. His parents live here in Four Corners and when we told them to come and see their son, they refused. A neighbour said they are tired of him. All the people who have gathered decided we must burn him so that his gang will run away from here”, our source said over the phone.

A tyre was hurriedly brought and the profusely bleeding suspect was set ablaze, “to end this terror”, we were told. Police authorities in the area, declined comments on the matter at press time.

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  1. This is obviously bad, but these act must stop in the city of Ikom,ikom is a vegin land, these took place on Thursday 23rd and not 24 editor please take note.

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