“Subtle Tsunami” As Agba Opens Campaign Office In Calabar

Copy of NEW LOGO OF CRSThis morning’s opening of the Goddy Agba Campaign Organization office on upscale Marian road, Calabar is triggering what a source within the ruling Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, has described as a “subtle tsunami”. While most political players have clandestinely walked hand in glove with the campaign organization, “it may not be long before many of those who are hiding come out in the open”, the source said.

The source’s submission is thought to be linked to the late Good Friday night consultations that several players, even in Gov. Imoke’s kitchen cabinet members, had with the campaign organization. Some of Imoke’s cabinet members are believed to have attended the Calabar Jazz Festival after reluctantly leaving the series of meetings held at Goddy Agba’s instance.

Another source told www.calitown.com that, “I hope we all understand that the arm twisting tactics that have in the very recent times been used to compel people to tow a less popular political line, will yield negative results”. To this submission a government source said, “they can say all they want to say and coin words for all situations, the matter is simple, let those who believe in whatever man go ahead and support him but without uneccessarily heating up the polity”.

“Those who accuse us of heating up the polity are the people actually heating it up. Was it from here that Imoke’s pronouncement about knowing who will not be governor and not knowing who will be, was made?”, the source asked. “Let us learn to uphold the truth and work at making sure that nobody denies any Cross Riverian a shot at the governorship as some people are working at doing”, he concluded.

Political watchers agree that Agba’s entrance into the governorship race is the political filip that the CR political landscape has lacked in recent times. “There is nothing spectacular about what the people are doing, time will soon tell”, a government source concluded.

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  1. That is beging of transformation and change in cross river state.what a huged welcome and calculated moves.

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