Social Critic Wants Calabar Pastor Arrested And Locked Away!

Cross River born social critic and veteran journalist, Ray Ugba Morphy, wants Val Aloysius, the self styled metropolitan senior pastor of Father’s House International Churches, Calabar, Cross River State, arrested, locked up and the keys thrown away.

Morphy wants the pastor locked up after he made unverified claims that he can heal all those infected by the deadly corona virus across the country. Aloysius also went ahead to advertise what he claims is anointing oil that prevents users from contracting the virus, with a bottle sold for $100 (about N41,000).

Irked by Aloysius’ claims, Morphy blurted out on his Facebook page this morning; “Too many thieves in the land! Apostle Val claims that this oil he is holding will provide spiritual protection from covid 19. He is demanding 100 USD donation per bottle! I say thunder fire the conman! Arrest him and throw away the key before he kills people with his nefarious hunger driven idiocy!”

Contacted about the claims of the pastor, who also refers to himself as the S.A to the CRS governor on Witchcraft, Betta Edu, CRS Health Commissioner told that, “We do not know what the content of this bottle is and it should not be sold to members of the public.
This is not scientifically proven to cure COVID-19 and as such should be channeled through the appropriate quarters for verification. The Federal Government has called for persons who believe they have herbs or whatever that can cure COVID -19 to come forward so this might be a window of opportunity to test run the potency and claims.” While she also states clearly that she is “a strong Christian” and may not be drawn into the submissions of the pastor, she however encouraged members of the public “to keep to the approved preventive measures laid down by the Government, and please stay safe.”

Anonymous sources within Aloysius’ church confirmed to us that droves of worshippers are already buying and using the anointing oil.

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