Senatorial Aspirant Says Ongoing Defections Are A Distraction


Those involved in the gale of defections that have hit Nigeria’s political landscape are believed to be engaging in the defections and making a mountain out of them to cover up for their lack of political will to think up and implement problem solving policies that should ideally create wealth and better the everyday lives of average Nigerians. These political actors we again hear, are the problem of this country because of the insistence to always cling to power, no matter the odds.

African Democratic Congress, ADC’s, Solomon Esor, who is eyeing the Cross River Central Senatorial seat, made this submission while commenting on the current state of the nation. He was also of the opinion that, “were these people performing well, whatever political platform they are in, would be of very little significance in determining their electoral successes. Their back and forth movement is a complete show of desperate electoral politics, the believe that their personal political gains must lord over the collective welfare of the people. This development should sadden every right thinking Nigerian and galvanise us all into exploring better political options outside the dancers mocking us with their front and back defections. Political party defectors are the same old wine being exchanged from one bottle to the other just to deceive the electorates.

“You see people with no political ideologies being foisted on us. When they get into office, they target the stealing of our resources, blatantly refuse to identify, create and pursue people oriented policies, even make it difficult for those who have elected them to have access to them. Now, when the elections are around the corner, they defect to point A or B, in pursuit of the peoples vote, a people nothing has been done for. I tell you, it is the height of insensitivity. This time people should vote individuals not party.”

Like he has constantly maintained, Esor believes that, he has come forth to address, to the advantage of the people, their welfare and has clear thought out policies that he will implement to generate wealth and steady the battered economics of the people in CRS Central Senatorial district. He however is keeping his blueprint close to his chest as all will be unveiled in the days ahead, we also gathered.

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