Senatorial Aspirant Dumps PDP In C’River

Kammonke Abam

Kammonke Abam, a senatorial aspirant on the platform of the People’s Democratic Party, PDP, in Cross River State, has resigned from the party in protest against what he describes as an alleged plan to deny him and other aspirants from a particular axis of his senatorial district, the opportunity to fly the party’s flag.

In a letter addressed to the State Chairman of the party in Cross River State dated July 12, 2018, Abam said, he is “constrained to resign in protest against the surreptitious plan to deny those of us from the Old Obubra axis of the party and particularly Ugep, the opportunity to fly the party’s flag which we believe is historically justified to be zoned to us.”

According to Abam, in the last couple of months, the efforts that those of them from the Old Obubra axis of the party and particularly Ugep, have made to secure the ticket of the party for the Central Senatorial District have been severely undermined.

“It has become very obvious that the political scale is deliberately and unfairly tilted to favour Old Ikom, he alleges, in his letter to the party Chairman

He expressed mixed feelings for his resignation as according to him, “I am sad that I will be leaving some of my longtime party friends that I have had the pleasure of working with over the years. Furthermore, having been a loyal party member all these years, I am saddened that I have to leave the party that has given me the opportunity to serve my state as a political appointee to two successive Governors for 9 years.”

He said he reached this decision after wide consultations with a wide spectrum of party elders and members sympathetic to his cause and supporters in the Central Senatorial District.

Sounding matter-of-factly, Abam said, “I do not think I need to wait for the smoke of this stealthy plan to choke me before taking the necessary actions to protect my inalienable right to contest for any position of my choice under the constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria”,

Abam said, those in the party that are orchestrating this act may have the “power” to decide who gets the senatorial ticket, “but they have a limit as to how the rest of us will respond to such an action”.

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