Robbery: Family Held Hostage As Robbers Go Haywire

In circumstances reminiscent of a Nollywood flick, armed robbers numbering about five are reported to have had a field day holding a family in Asari-Eso, an upscale neighbourhood in Calabar, to ransome and dispossessing them of cash and valuables, two days ago.

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Henry Inyang Ogim, the victim, told that “one of the robbers jumped over the fence and opened the gate while the others came in and started shooting sporadically into the air”.  The robbers demanded for cash but got non immediately and were only lucky when they forcefully collected the victim’s ATM card and the account’s password, after which the victim and his family were held hostage while one of the robbers went to withdraw a huge amount of money from the victim’s account. can also reveal that, when they robbers stumbled on the ATM cards of the victim’s wife, they insisted that the victim, whose wife was in church at the time of the robbery, should call his wife and ask for the password to her two accounts. At gun point, Ogim made the phone calls but fortune turned its back on the robbers when the victim’s phone ran out of batteries and his wife, wanting no distractions while in church, turned off her phones. In frustration the robbers physically attacked Ogim and his two sons, leaving them traumatized as they fled the compound.

The victim was however grateful to God that in all of their ordeal, no member of his family lost his or her life.

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