Resentment Trail Salary Deductions In CR Civil Service

logoThere is growing resentment among civil servants in the Cross River State over what is seen as the arbitrary and unfavourable deductions in staff salaries, carried out by the Office of the Head of Service, can reveal.

By yesterday and today when salary vouchers for the month of April began circulating, most civil servants were shocked to discover that compulsory deductions from between N10, 000 to N150, 000, depending on the grade level, were made. “They say the deductions are for laptops and housing. In Cross River, a three bedroom apartment is being built and handed to us for N6 million. Those laptops are sold in the market for less than N90, 000, but the ones a clique in the Office of the Head of Service is giving goes for above N120, 000. The people behind this painful deductions are smiling to the bank while we the civil servants gnash our teeth”, one civil servant volunteered.

But the Office of the Head of Service, CRS is maintaining that “most of our civil servants accented to the deductions and it is unfortunate that they are being economical with the truth. Is it possible for the Head of Service, HOS, to just get up and begin making arbitrary deductions ? The civil service is procedural”, a source in the HOS’s office said. This is however considered as “whoever, talking to please his or her masters. Who is insisting that we must have computers? Labour which should say no on our behalf, has been compromised, giving room for whoever to force us to take home sub-standard computers at a cut throat price. One day, God will stand up for us and show these corrupt and wicked people the way out”, the source concluded.






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