Reps Member Drops Imoke’s Name In Re-Election Bid

Bassey Ewa
Bassey Ewa
In a bid to return to Nigeria’s House of Representatives for the third time, sources in Ugep, Yakurr LGA, Cross River Central, have informed that Bassey Eko Ewa, who represents Yakurr/Abi Federal Constituency in the House, is laying claims to the fact that CRS governor, Liyel Imoke, has given him the go-ahead to run again for the office. Ewa is also reported to have told the several gatherings he addressed over the weekend that Imoke’s nod has ties to a hidden senatorial ambition which will be unveiled in the days ahead.

Ewa further maintains the position that no better political office can go to Yakurr now as his return to the House of Reps, if it does happen, will be an asset and the best thing to happen to the LGA. It perhaps is an assertion that “looks steeped in the man’s ambition to get back to the House of Reps”, as a source puts it.

Almost following Ewa’s political leg-workings have been a series of bulk text messages, circulated by a group, Yakurr Forum, condemning Ewa’s political posture and calling on Gov. Imoke to distance himself from Ewa. One of the text message sent to reads thus; “TRUTH is a weapon no man can subdue. We strongly believe in our dear governor, Senator Liyel Imoke, we appreciate his love for Yakurr! We applaud his giant strides for Yakurr and CRS at large. Let Bassey Eko Ewa’s stewardship speak for him and not the lie against the Governor. What’s Bassey Eko Ewa’s scorecard? How many Abi/Yakuu sons has he given employment? Where are his constituency projects?”. The message ended by saying, “Bassey, pls stop dropping the Governor’s name”.

While Ewa’s acolytes are having a hard time winning a skeptical people to him. One political commentator, on the line from Ugep feels, “Bassey can run for whatever suits him, even if it is a hundred metres. What I am not comfortable with are the tissue of lies that have preceded his Reps ambition. Imoke has constantly maintained that he is not running for Senate, but Ewa is telling us that Imoke is running and it is the reason why he is running too; the talk is deceitful, we must not be bought over by these lies. One pro-Ewa group, “Friends of Bassey” or FOB as it is locally referred to, is at the fore front of this grand peddling of falsehood. Let them convince us by bringing the governor to come and address us, if they cannot do that they had better let us be”.

An anonymous FOB source who spoke with is insisting that “we have the resources to match our talk with action and we will do that”. This statement has drawn flak from among Ewa’s constituents. Hear one person, “…laughable, which resources? Very soon we will know if this is the kind of talk that our hungry people should be fed with”. Attempts to have Ewa comment at press time failed as his line was switched off.

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  1. Why is Ewa trying to use Imoke to decieve the people of Yakurr/Abi? Are two tenures not enough for him? Even when he refused to touch the lives an average Yakurr and Abi man. I don’t even want to talk about him. He had better stop it!

  2. Name-dropping isn’t new to this so-called honourable House of Reps fellow and his cohorts. ‘Dishonourable’, I believe, is a much more apt tag.

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