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Some of the commissioners, taking the oath of office
Some of the commissioners, taking the oath of office
Justin Erukaa
I can’t believe this! Am I getting it wrong?! Looks like jobs for the boys. When everyone is shrinking the size of government, this fellow is crazily expanding. Where is he going to get the money from?! Smh.

Kennedy Nsan
“If I were around the governor or were the governor myself, I would have suggested or put New City Development/Lands together, Petroleum/Gas/Solid Minerals, Infrastructure/Works, Rural Transformation/Transportation would go together, while Establishment/Training will stand alone, Climate Chnage, Enviroment, Sustainable Development would go together and become a single ministry. That in my thinking should be the ideal”.

Amb Chris Lekan
God bless CRS. God bless all the appointees. We will partner with all of you to bring the needed development to our dear state. Kudos to you Sen. Ben Ayade for an all inclusive appointment.(sic) I am happy that my peers are participants. The choice of a youth as commissioner for youth and sports is apt. May God be with all of you and your good offices as we jointly make CRS the people’s Paradise on earth.

Donald Omang
What will be some of this commissioners be doing example infrastructure will be overlapping works among others.(sic)

Ambrose Mbia
This is laughable! What on earth are we doing with ministry of Climate change, Gas, petroleum resources etc?

Abeng Joel
Congratulation Honourable Commissioners. CRS will soon witness unprecedented change and transformation. Once again, congratulation mr Peter Akam Egba and Governor Ayade on your new appointment.(sic)

Caesar Benson
These Commissioners are too many. Duplication of roles. Some of these Ministries should have been merged. What is climate change from environment. Sustainable Development, New City Development, Land Development, should have been merged.

Eni Orim
You Cross Riverians can complain. We look for an opportunity and now you have gotten it and you are still complaining.

Akan Kevin Akpanke
Congrats & best wishes 2 all d newly sworn in commissioners

Wonah David Omagu
Ministry of Education…..headed by a Nurse…hmmm….. Is this not a square peg in a round hole?

Etim Effiom
Don’t we have professors to head ministry of education….?

Abo Esor Ekpe
Congrats to you all! Hon Godwin Ettah is not just a nurse he is also a lawyer! Let us pray for them to all!

Okoi Obono-obla
When you study law and obtain a degree without undergoing professional training in the Nigerian Law School and passing the bar examination and you are enrolled in the Supreme Court of Nigeria you cannot call yourself a lawyer. Take Notice @ Abor Esor Ekpe. So Honourable Etta is not a lawyer.

Williams Eteng Bassey

Hon Godwin Ettah is 100% fit

Emmanuel Eteng
@frank, 4 ur information Hon Godwin Etta had a certificate in nursing b/4 proceeding 4 B. sc pol science at unical and later proceeded 4 his masters at london.just 4 record purpose.Take note(sic)

Abua Monique

This comment is for Frank. I don’t join issues with politicians but I must express my dissatisfaction at your comment about Hon. Ettah. What is wrong with a nurse being the commissioner for Education? For your information nurses are highly educated and versatile. They are in the world of academics. They have adequate training to function in every facet of society in which the ministry of education is not an exception. If he can manage issues related to health, then what is education compared to that? Nursing has gone beyond what most people think. Pls as civilized people weigh your comments before bringing them for public consumption. I hope you got the message. Thanks

Ekpangdo Arakon
Am disappointed for ikom 2 no single appointment in ikon 2. Double appointment for Ikom 1 why his excellency sir? Please my able and capable Governor sir try and balance ikom2 appointment. Congratulations sir for the creation of new ministries(sic)

Pauline Omaka

Congratulations to Mr Effiom Okokon Edem for his appointment as commissioner for social housing. We can now hope that our round thatched houses will b replaced with something modern and affordable housing.

Fidelis Eyaba
Our Governor should be guided because some of the appointments are of no economic importance to the development of our state. I rejoice with those appointed.

Undie Joseph Bekeh

A very big congrat to all the commissioners! I wish all of them a successful tenure(sic)

Jonah Etta
Is very unfortunate that ikom 2 is not always carried along in the scheme of things in Cross River State since the last administration up till date,I must say am highly disappointed.

Patrick Ekuri

Jesus H Christ. I am flummoxed. Is it gas cylinder. Can a state Government legislate on a matter within the exclusive legislative list

Tamme Takon

I told you this man is from Mars! He forgot Astronomy and Clairvoyance

Okpen Raymond
Ayade,you r expanding in creation of Ministries, kudos.Hope you hv manpower.Pls creat Skolombo ministry so that you wil hv more space to compensate your friends and loyalists(sic)

Ushie Emmanuel
Celebrate with people so that u will be celebrated

Eke Ekpe
Bravo to all the newly appointed commissioners. I pray God to give you the wisdom and understanding to pilot the affairs of the ministry you are appointed to serve.

Charles Achu
Congratulations to all of you for emerging as key team players in the administration of His Excellency the Governor of Cross River State. Whether H. E. the Governor succeeds or fails in achieving his vision for our State, you will be held responsible. Therefore, I wish you all a most challenging tenure that will bring out the best in each of you and make you shine for our State in the end. Congratulations.

Ushie Emmanuel

Climate change and environment ministries would have to close ranks and collapse boundaries while still operating different budgets to forestall rancour. Same with petroleum and gas ministries. Congratulations

Enyia Oshita
God grant them the enablement to deliver in their various ministry tp impact positively on the people of CRS on particular and Nigeria at large through Christ our Lord…… Amen
Frank Achadu
Sustainable development,Climate change and New City Development,, Sorry ministries

Godwin Ameke Adie
Congrats to all of them especially the commissioner for power, at least that’s where I’m concerned most. Eval Asikong, kindly remind The Hon. Commissioner that the state has sponsored about 15 graduate engineers to the Nationa Power Training Institute of Nigeria (NAPTIN) under the Federal Ministry of Power affiliated to NAPTI in india. These graduates have long graduated from this institute with Merit grades and certified as Power Engineers in the three areas of the power sector and had been waiting and praying for the creation of a Power Ministry in the state to enable them add value to the state’s power sector, thank God for His Excellency whom God have used to actualize this. May these young men be given opportunity in the ministry. Long live His Excellency! Long live the Hon. Commissioner for power! Long live CRS!

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  1. This is the worst of child’s play I have seen in a long time, if you feel like creating new ministries Ben, where is the Ministry for Children’s Development. You are the funniest leader to ever happen to C.R.State. Wow

  2. I congratulate Barr. Joe Abang and Engr. Dan Osim Asu on there Appointments. We pray for peace, unity and Justice to continue in Crossriver state as it is known for.

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