RE: Ndoma-Egba, Obono-Obla Plot Sack Of Minister Of Niger Delta

new press releaseThe attention of Senator Victor Ndoma-Egba, former Senate Leader and Chairman-Designate of NDDC has been drawn to an unsigned fictitious write-up with the above subject matter.

The writer(s) alleged that Sen. Ndoma-Egba, Bar. Obono-Obla and new “entrants” have hijacked the Cross River APC and are sponsoring negative reports in the media against the Minister of Niger Delta Affairs, Pastor Usani U. Usani including the alleged circulation of a gazette of the Cross River State Government purporting to indict the Honourable Minister for fraud.

We see this as an attempt by fifth columnist to create an imaginary or input a dispute between Sen. Ndoma-Egba and the Honourable Minister.

Both of them enjoy a robust relationship and are working together to reposition the APC in Cross River State. Even the decision to pay the rents of the party was arrived at a meeting of stakeholders of the APC in the state, with the Honourable Minister and Sen. Ndoma-Egba in attendance.

Though a public document that can be accessed by anyone, Sen. Ndoma-Egba has not seen or knows anything about it since it has never been of any interest to him.

He is a loyal party member who neither believes nor belongs to any faction of the party at all levels.

The Senator finds it more offensive when this faceless group alleged that Ndoma-Egba is not loyal to our President. Nothing can be further from the truth than this assertion. The loyalty of Ndoma-Egba to the President is not negotiable just as his respect for Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu, Jagaban cannot be diminished by cheap blackmail.

Hon. (Chief) Ernest Irek
DG, Senator Victor Ndoma-Egba Campaign Organisation.

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  1. Recently, Pastor Usani Usani the Hon. Min. For Niger Delta Affairs and his supporters, have become intensely, paranoid to the extent of suspecting and accusing every notable Cross Riverian of being against him and after his ministerial job. The serial poor media rating of his performance and the current publication of his indictment by Sahara Reporters, have further driven him and his ragtag supporters to total dementia. If Pastor Usani is not spending precious time fighting perceived enemies, from Ntufam Hilliard Eta and Mr Ochala, for the control of the APC in CRS, he will descend to the gutter, to falsely, speculate that I came to Abuja to submit a petition against him. It is most regetable to drag our eminent and amiable sons, Messrs Ndoma-Egba SAN and Obla into his misfortune. The indictment revealed by Sahara Reporters occurred since 2000. Pastor Usani has over 15 years to contest and possibly come clean of the said indictment through appropriate legal channels if he has anything to the contrary, let him publish. Failure to do so leaves the verdict of guilt on him forever. Looking for scapegoats is childish, unhealthy and unbecoming

  2. Continue!
    Of his statues. Pastor Usani is a religious but ungodly person, whose political and public service careers, are marked or innundated with unresolved issues. He is a child of crisis and intrigues, who has factionalised and destroyed the APC in CRS.
    Finally, the APC, CRS, is in dire need of redemption. The distractions, hurtful innuendoes and malfeasance under his watch, need urgent redress, to achieve the unity and cohesion, necessary to win elections. It is defeatist and a sign of collective weakness to allow Pastor Usani to continue to rubbish everybody and the fortunes of the All Progressives Congress.The time to stop him is now.

    Patrick Ubi mni

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