Prolonged Teachers Strike, Fate Of CR

If information at the disposal of is anything to go by, then public schools in Cross River State are not about to re-open. Sources within government circles say the 27% financial demands the teachers are making on the state is not in line with an earlier agreement entered into between the teachers’ union and the state government.
In the first instance, one source said, “the 27% they claim is a Federal Government directive, predates the minimum wage they are enjoying now”. He went on to say that, “when they saw that the minimum wage structure was more favourable, they abandoned the 27% issue, collected the minimum wage and walked away only to return several months after and demand that they be paid 27% of the new structure, by all moral standards this is unfair”. also was informed again that, “the governor who is being villified by the teachers’ union offered to pay 10% of the new wage, but the union turned that down and instead opted for the strike action in consideration of no one”.

While all of this plays out, public schools have remained under lock and key and children who should be in school have remained at home and government’s paucity of funds is also not helping matters. One parent told that, “those of you who write what government reads should tell them that our children deserve to be in school because most of their children are in school”.

On the part of the teachers’ union, sources within say “government is manipulating information and making teachers look like they are insensitive when it is infact government that is insensitive. An agreement is an agreement, government should honour her own side of the bargain and we can go back to the classes even on Sunday”, he concluded.

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