Press Statement By SDP Central Senatorial District Candidate, Solomon Esor On The Renewed Communal Clash In Abi LGA

Solomon Esor
Solomon Esor

I am deeply saddened by the resurgence of hostilities and the barefaced refusal of my brothers and sisters in Abi Local Government Area to give peace a chance.

More painful is the fact that again and again, our local people in the warring communities of Ediba, Usumutong and now Ebom, are unaware that while we fight, as a primitive way of settling ignoble scores, the world moves on, leaving us behind. Development, sought for, the world over by progressive generations, can make no inroads into our communities where war is a constant variable.

Let me categorically say here that I condemn in very strong terms, this resumption of hostilities. While well meaning people have joined hands with peace loving sons and daughters of Abi, working at achieving a peaceful solution to this eyesore, what we are witnessing in these Bahumono communities can only be the full blown expression of the devil at work. I mean, how do you fight in a war where brothers recognize each other but still go ahead to shoot and kill each other?

Men and women of goodwill must not sit back or distance themselves from this conflict; if we do, we would have succeeded in deliberately dodging our date with history. Government on her part must show greater commitment to ensuring that her conflict resolution apparatus are fully deployed, not as a cosmetic action but something deliberately planned, applied and sustained to wipe away this painful tears of our people.

May God Almighty enter our hearts and minds, causing us to seek peace and not blood. May our community leaders walk the path of peace, just like God will restrain our young men from going to war even without provocation.


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