POSTPONEMENT: Read Donald Duke’s Letter To INEC’s Chairman

Donald Duke

Dear Prof. Yakubu,

Putting it lightly and as respectfully as I can, the postponement of the elections is a national disgrace. I listened to your interaction with stakeholders and thought it pathetic that you were seeking sympathy and understanding. I likened you to an Olympian who has 4yrs to prepare and at the Olympics itself, forgets to bring along his kit. You spoke about poor weather (harmattan), bad roads etc. So lame and so plebeian, you failed above all to take responsibility. Not say it, take it. You and I know that no proper nation-state in the world will accept what the commission has done. You ought to resign.

Clearly, there’s more here than meets the eye. I have been in government and I’m not naive, this is not your initiative, this is a script given to you to play. Basically, its designed to financially wear out the opposition. PDP did same, theirs was a week or so to the elections, yours is 4hrs to the commencement of voting. Literally taking it to the “Next Level”. Unfortunately, you are not man enough to reject the script and walk away. Remember Prof. Humphrey Nwosu, he retired into ignominy. Your fate may not be different. Regardless of how well the future elections may go, it is now contaminated.

I feel so sorry for one I held in such high esteem. Farewell dear prof.

Yours in sympathy,
Donald Duke.

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