POS Robbers Hit Calabar

It has been revealed to calitown.com that there is a new wave of armed robbery being perpetrated by armed robbers in Calabar and its environs.


Using the cover of darkness, in most cases, the robbers attack individuals and families, demanding in the process, the Automated Teller Machine, ATM card(s) of their victims. “When they collected my card, I thought they were going to take it away but one of them brought out a POS device, inserted my card in after taking down my password and went ahead to transfer money from my account to another account that I believe is theirs”, one victim who was at the receiving end at his Satellite Town residence in Calabar over the weekend, told calitown.com.

In this particular incident, the robbers are said to have had a field day as they robbed, unhindered, from flat to flat, using the same method and in the process netting in a huge amount of money. Another victim of the same robbery was quick to point out that, “the robbers know that most people do not keep money at home again so they have devised another means of getting at peoples’ hard earned money”.

Security sources were however quick to assure calitown.com that they are aware of the latest development and “will work to get at the elements doing all of these things, but for reasons that bother on security, we cannot say here, how we will handle the situation so honest and hardworking people do not continue to lose their earnings to hoodlums”

A Point of Sale, POS, terminal is an electronic device used to process card payments at retail locations. The terminal generally reads the information off a customer’s credit or debit card, checks whether the funds in the customer’s account are sufficient and then goes on to transfer the funds from one account to the other.

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