Popular Akwa Ibom Comedian, Okon Lagos Fumbles, Whipped On Social Media

Screenshot of the videos.

Popular Akwa Ibom State comedian, Ime Bishop, popularly called “Okon Lagos” or “Udo Yes”, appears to have fumbled his way into a scandal that looks set to tear down his fan base, leaving him without soar away roles in Nigeria’s entertainment business.

While it may appear he was ‘hustling’, his attempt to shoot political adverts in support of AKS APC gubernatorial candidate, Nsima Ekere and then hobble off to also support AKS governor, Emmanuel Udom, has left him receiving scathing remarks from several supporters of both candidates and his fan base.

In the first widely circulated advert, Okon Lagos, using a well scripted mix of English and Ibibio languages, urges the AKS electorate to vote for Ekere. There’s also a second video where he talks about an Akwa Ibom renaissance that will be engineered by Ekere as governor. Both videos are online.

While www.calitown.com cannot for certain say what must have played out shortly after the two short videos were released, but we can conclude that behind the scene reprimands pushed the comedian into the release of a not too well done, third and controversial video. In the third video, the actor, sitting in a white tiled room, states that, ” This is the height of desperation…I am with Udom, I stand with Emmanuel Udom and there is no amount of blackmail, there is no amount of force, there is no amount of brute cohesion or black magic that can change my already made up mind. I was with Udom, I am with Udom and will always be with Udom”.

Responding to the actor’s double speak, Akwa Ibom social media influencer, Michael Matthew in what he titles, “THE ACT OF NICODEMUS PART SIX” wrote thus: “Okon Lagos, I know they can put a gun to your head and force you to confess your love for Udom. I sat with you for over an hour, you even showed me your conversation and text messages with Mr Gov, how he kept avoiding your calls, kept you at arms length and ensured you were not allowed near his presence. Your proposals were completely ignored, you openly expressed your bitterness and anger at a government you brought into power. Like I told you, you have a calling, you know your calling.”

Continuing, Matthew maintains, “If you are trying to start a controversy using HE Obong (Dr) Nsima Ekere as bait, you will only destroy your legacies and all that you stood for over the years. If for fear for your life you begin to fidget and create unnecessary tension, know this, APC does not need you to win elections, HE Obong Nsima Ekere will be sworn in as Governor on May 29, 2019 and that ends the news…”

The actor who is an aide to Udom, one source told www.calitown.com, “thought he could play a fast one by making money off the two men; everything is now in the open, simply to show you that Okon Lagos is more desperate than anyone of us. He is a shame and will reap what he sows”. The comedian was unavailable for comments at press time.

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