Politicians, Supporters Besiege PDP Office, Ndoma-Egba Backs Out Of Ward Congress

The besieged CR PDP Secretariat
The besieged CR PDP Secretariat
Late into Sunday night, politicians and hordes of supporters besieged the Cross River state secretariat of the PDP on Murtala Mohammed highway, Calab.ar, hoping to accompany materials meant for Monday’s rescheduled ward congresses, www.calitown.com can reveal. It was a clear case of the presence of who-is-who in CR politics as visible from where the www.calitown.com crew stood were, serving members of the upper and lower legislatures at the centre, several aspirants to those seats, aspirants to several other positions at the state level as well as supporters of the seven gubernatorial candidates who underwent screening in Port Harcourt, Rivers state.

Several buses and a few branded vehicles, conveying supporters of man in the storm, Jedy Agba, were prominently seen at the Secretariat. A combined team of heavily armed security personnel consisting of soldiers, policemen and men of the Civil Defence Corps, stood at strategic positions around the secretariat, providing security as well as controlling the very heavy human and vehicular traffic. While movement into the complex was restricted, sources within the PDP confirmed to www.calitown.com that materials for Monday’s exercise were not released by the party. The release of the materials “…will be done first thing tomorrow morning”, as a source informed.

Meanwhile, Senate Leader and Senator representing CR Central Senatorial district in the red chambers, Victor Ndoma-Egba has released a statement to the effect that he will take no part in the re-scheduled ward congress, a clear indication that political disagreement looms large in CR, several days from now. In a published statement, monitored by www.calitown.com, Ndoma-Egba stated that, , “there are pending litigations before a Federal High Court in Abuja and a Cross River State High Court over the ward congresses organised by the PDP on November 1.” While hearing notices have been served parties to the effect that judgement will be delivered on November, 24, 2014, the same day the PDP is holding the rescheduled congresses, it is his believe that with his legal background he cannot “…undermine the sanctity of the judicial process and the judiciary”. He continues, “our institutions are far more important than my personal ambition , indeed any person’s ambition. Our democracy will never be complete without the rule of law. We must therefore give the Judiciary her place and respect.”

Again, Government House sources have this evening confirmed the departure of state governor, Liyel Imoke to Abuja for what one of the sources referred to as “a trip to the political chess board in Abuja”. Unconfirmed sources say he will also have ears out for the verdict of the court before making another visible move in the unfolding drama that is the PDP politics in CRS.

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  1. Very funny of you Mr Senate Leader. If you actually won the initial ward congresses without bribing then you and yourcohort should go and win again na. You should displaying such ignorance talking about ‘sanctity of our legal institution and all his titles and years of practice’, when you and uour cohorts literaly bribed everyone you could to swap the list of delegates, clearly ignoring the part of the party constitution which states that an ad-hoc delegate has no right to sue on delegate election as they are mere ad-hoc delegate. Well for the record, everyone is aware Ndoma-Egba & his cohort have been bragging to their supporters like settling or better still bribing Justice Ademola to favour his faction on the ward Congresses judgment on monday 24th November 2014… we wish him goodluck with that… we are tired of you in PDP go to APC since you are sure of winning.

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