Police In Calabar Nab Kidnapper Disguised As Driver

indexThe Police in Calabar, Cross River State, have arrested one Hope Maurice Akpan, from Akwa Ibom State and two others for attempting to kidnap one Tunde Osisanya, popularly known as TUNS-7, in circumstances that www.calitown.com sources say have left Osisanya in shock.

Akpan, investigations by www.calitown.com show, was only recently employed by Osisanya as a personal driver. It was further revealed that the employer even provided accommodation for Akpan in his house and granted him access to several personal businesses and transactions. Trouble is said to have started on the evening of February 8, as Akpan was driving his master home from work. He suddenly stopped on the Murtala Muhammed Highway, Calabar, under false pretenses while a group of boys jumped into the vehicle and threatened to shoot the owner of the vehicle if he did not get into the trunk of the car.

As all of this played out, the suspect is said to have sat behind the steering unmoved while his master was being ruffled. Only Osisanya’s quick feet and divine intervention helped him escape the group as they drove off with his car and valuables. The car was spotted several days after somewhere in Ugep, Yakurr Local Government Area, after the attention of natives was drawn to strange boys and a strange vehicle parked in an uncompleted building. The Police was informed and they swiftly moved into action, arresting the suspect and two others while a third person is believed to have escaped.

At the State Police Headquarters, Diamond Hill, Calabar, where the suspects are undergoing interrogation, police sources told www.calitown.com that Akpan and his group, have established links with a notorious secret cult in 8 Miles, a built-up settlement as you drive into Calabar. The group is believed to be behind several heinous crimes in the metropolis and Akpan is insisting that the kidnap attempt was staged to help him raise money that he wanted to pay as membership dues to the group. Security sources maintain that patrols around the area have been intensified to smash the group.

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