Poison Saga: C’R House Of Reps Member, Opponent Trade Words

The post at the centre of the storm

Member representing Bekwarra/Obudu/Obanliku Federal Constituency in the House of Representatives, Legor Idagbo and Dorncklaimz Enamhe, recently denied the chance to contest the Bekwarra/Obudu/Obanliku Federal Constituency seat, appear locked in another contest, a war of words, after Enahme accused Idagbo of trying to poison him.

The weighty allegation which surfaced on social media yesterday evening, is believed to have thrown many political watchers in Cross River State off balance, prompting www.calitown.com to contact both Enahme and Idagbo on the allegation.

Enahme insisted that “…it is not a lie, Legor tried to poison me. It was in a drink but I didn’t take the drink, instead I left it on the table and the drink started foaming. The other day, before him, I told the governor that I can’t step down for a man who tried to poison me…” It is an allegation Idagbo strongly denies.

“What will it benefit me to poison D.C? The man is frustrated and looking for where to heap his frustration. Why on earth will I want to poison him; I mean look at it critically, what threat does he constitute to me. I believe they are better things to talk about than dwell on the frustrations of one man. When he said that before the governor, didn’t he tell you what the governor told him? The governor told him that he cannot be serious and felt D.C was speaking figuratively”, Idagbo told www.calitown.com. He also replied to the thread on Facebook.

Legor Idagbo’s response on Facebook

This feud many believe is spun around differences that are more political than any other imaginations. There is also the added believe that this feud has been aggravated by the decision of the PDP to lock down National Assembly elective positions to serving members, something that has not gone down well with several party men and women who have eyes fixed for those positions.

But Enahme maintains “it is not about politics, it is about a man who wanted me dead and if you know that this kind of thing can happen easily where we come from, especially where there is proof, you cannot take it lying low. Legor is a lawyer, let him take me to anywhere, I will defend myself and ask him some other questions that he will be unable to answer.”

“See, I have nothing else to say, let D.C continue with his frustrations”, Idagbo concluded.

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