Please Tell Gov. Imoke I Said So!

By Iwara U. Iwara
By Iwara U. Iwara
Where do we begin? It can be summed up simply; just being a member of the ruling party no longer guarantees that you WILL win an election, Buhari just proved it at the centre. I am particularly drawn to the Buhari victory because painfully, it has been the ignoble norm especially in our state, Cross River State, that electoral victory is tied more to the machinations of party brigands and not what the candidate has to offer. This appears to be the single reason why our developmental retrogression persists. Again, because a few persons enjoy the lax luxury of political positions, blinding slaps fly in all directions, ‘encouraging’ us to dive to the ground and have not the courage to look up and find out what was, what is and what will be.

As they constantly select persons for leadership positions, those who lead us in Cross River State have ensured that only the blind, the lame and intellectually infirm, step on the leadership dais. Those who have a sound mind and body cannot be engaged because of their capacity to be reasonably independent and unfavourably disposed to space limiting contraptions. The easiest put down method has been the one which speedily groups and then tags our better, even best hands as “not being loyal” to those who have become political deities. The self ‘deitication’ of a few has consistently been expressed in the energetic refusal to let the will of the people, conveyed through the ballot, stand. Regrettably, we have just seen with the National Assembly elections in Cross River State that for all our hue and cry, Liyel Imoke’s political will is the only one that stands. Those who waited for long hours, under rain and sun, to cast their votes, put in only a futile effort; we ought to have handed our governor all of our PVCs to show ‘loyalty’ and a firm believe in his know-it-all abilities. That we choose to be ‘disloyal’ by voting our candidates of choice is an affront on the deified status of Imoke, a sin we will pay for in the form of no salaries, half salaries, dry ‘running’ taps, an upsurge in armed robbery, the heaps of rumbling refuse and any other thing that can be added to this stinging list of Cross Rivernised pains.

Buhari cometh; in case you don’t know. Muhammadu Buhari’s electoral victory over President Goodluck Jonathan was possible because Nigerians were eager to break several padlocks of political arrogance; basically that warped believe in the Executive that the wishes of the people can completely be swallowed by the wish of one man who balkanises everything. It looks almost certain that the era of impunity is about to pass us by like a smelly truck load of swine.
Hopefully upon us is an era where people power will make mince meat of person power. A time when the false and sleepy accents of political con men will be drowned by the forceful chorus of the people, pinned down for too long by a tyrannical few. Those who attempt to stall this process may be dipping hands in a pit full of vipers and repeatedly they will be bitten.

Somehow I still wonder how the superior will of our superintendents gave Jonathan a paltry four hundred and something votes, in a state that promised him 100% votes. Is is possible that our governor was blighted by his pursuit of the divisive political are of imposition that he forgot to ‘work’ for Jonathan? Those who know and are grounded in politics will offer us answers, even excuses but if we spent so much time and energy making sure Bassey Edet Otu and Alex Egbona ‘fail’ at the polls, Jonathan may have been hit too by a stray stone.

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  1. The end shall justify the means. Imoke’s day are numbered for doom. Prince Edet Otu and Alex Egbona will get their victory through the court let the peoples vote count.and the era of impunity is done with, and internal Democracy can take place in our political party

  2. The defeat of GEJ by Buhari is a sign post to the saying that it is best to quit when the ovation is highest.Most times we are blinded to this fact.I have seen many a great men fall because of their refusal to quit when the ovation is highest…I pray we all learn from this.God help us.

  3. Chai, God works in mysterious ways! As they continue to muzzle the will of the people, many more stray stones will hit them (when and where it matters most). Obase okam oyaka!!
    What will Liyel Imoke tell Abi people now that he is bent on closing their political space? Men of God arise.

  4. The bible says power comes from above and that pride comes before a fall. Infact, the foolishness of God is indeed greater than the wisdom of man. Imoke is doomed for life, for being both the player and the umpire. He has swindled the wishes of the masses of CRS without reservation and has even professed calamity on innocent citizens of our state. Only time will tell how far and well these acts will go. The mandate stolen from Hon. Barr. Dominic Aqua Edem, Sen. Bassey Otu, Alex Egbona etc must be reclaimed back IJN. With GMB Now on board true justice would be entrenched. Infact RIP PDP and all it’s accomplices. Anyway, once again CONGRATULATIONS to the people’s general.

  5. I have always advised Imoke to do the right thing but he wouldn’t here. how can one man turn the business of a state to that of him and his friends?? poor style of leadership, poor transition, poor everything.. Alex Egbona and Prince Out can not be denied their right just like the right of my poor old mother who stood under the sun from 7am to 10pm just to cast her vote for Alex Egbona…God liveth so no shaking.. Iwara thanks for this post

  6. God will bless you Iwara for being just and truthful in your analysis and assessment of the politics of cross river state. Those who think they are political experts of the state have gradually walked themselves to doom and shame..Their expectations at the federal will fail woefully. Very soon, justice and fair play will be the right of the electorate in the state

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