PHED Under Fire In Ikom, Residents Protest Against Firm

Public power distribution firm, the Port Harcourt Electricity Distribution Company, came under fire in Ikom, Central Cross River, as several residents of the area took to the streets today and demonstrated against the complete absence of public power in the area.

Our correspondent in the area reported that several group of persons marched to the office of the firm and demanded that the firm packs out of Ikom. Independent investigations by further revealed that in the last three months and counting, residents of the area have basically relied on generators to run homes and businesses.

Mbeh Njar, a surveyor and resident of the area told that, “I have in the last three months not seen any light from them and have been using my generator at home and buying fuel for the generator on a daily basis. Please this shouldn’t be happening to us. If this PHEDC people have no capacity to deliver, they should pack up and Ikom, let us know they are not here instead of them occupying space here and not delivering. Tell government that we are suffering here.”

Sources inside PHEDC in the area who spoke to on condition of anonymity informed that, while it is regrettable that they have been unable to distribute constant power in the area, “a myriad of problems are responsible. Many of our customers here are heavily indebted to us, just like we are working to upgrade our infrastructure. Please let them be patient with us and in no time all will be well”.

Ikom, the commercial nerve centre of the state and border town, like several parts of Nigeria, has constantly experienced a near absence of public power supply, slowing down businesses and making like unbearable.

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