Petrol Situation In Calabar Dire

logoLike in most other parts of Nigeria, the petrol situation in Calabar, CRS is dire, can reveal. In most petrol stations selling the product the city, long queues are visible as vehicle owners struggle to lay hands on petrol.

The situation has also shot up the price of petrol as stations are selling at between N140-N160 per litre of petrol. Black market operators have suddenly reappeared on major streets in Calabar and selling a litre of petrol for N200. Those in the know told that, “the situation will remain like this for a while”. Asked why the situation will remain so for a while, another source told us “to ask the Federal government”.

However, Clement Obi, a resident of Calabar, told that, “the marketers are doing brisk business and riping us up”, pointing further to the fact that “most of these marketers are just hoarding the product for no reason. Even the ones who claim they have no petrol, have enough in their underground tanks, they just want us all to suffer”.

For now, no one knows when the plug will be pulled off this situation.

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