Panic: PDP Now ‘Has’ 16 States

It is becoming clear by the day that the crisis currently rocking the ruling PDP may cost her electoral victory in certain states and even at the centre if concerted efforts and meaningful consultations are not employed.

Sources at the party’s Convention in Abuja called in late to inform that the potential loss of seven governors, elected on the party’s platform may leave the doors open for other parties to come in and take over, making President Jonathan’s return bid a tough entreprise.
coat of arm
In the words of our source, “the loss of the seven governors will mean the PDP will be left with 16 states, down from her overwhelming 23”. The source went on further to say that even without the current gubenitorial crisis of selection in Anambra State, “it will be difficult to beat APGA or even APC there, so our letting the seven governors walk away is j negation that may act against the President’s bid to come back”.

Several leaders from the South-South of Nigeria have somehow begun “tapping up” a few persons to douse the political tension in the land, seeking means of redressing perceived wrongs. The move of the governors and their teaming up with Atiku Abubakar is undeniably the final showdown in a steady stream of crisis that has bedeviled the party.

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  1. Atiku has no poltical strenght as far as I know, the man is senile politically though I salute his courage of attempting to rumple the PDP political background.

  2. PDP palavar, kai, but Atiku has no intergrity, almajiri that he is, he is still carrying a plate and begging for food from one political party to another. Once an almajiri always an almajiri

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