Palpable Fear As 300-Level UNICROSS Female Student Goes Missing

Priscillia Ojong

There is palpable fear among friends of one Priscilla Evaristus Ojong, a 22-year old 300-level female student of Mass Communication in the University of Cross River State, UNICROSS, after it became clear that, three weeks after she supposedly travelled to Lagos, nobody has been able to reach her as her phone number has remained permanently switched off, can reveal.

Two of Priscillia’s friends, who do not want their names in print, disclosed that, she travelled to Lagos on the invitation of a male friend who accordingly credited her account with the transport fare; three weeks ago. When she arrived Lagos, one of the two friends spoken to, confirmed to us that she received a call from Priscillia to the effect that she was safely in Lagos and will be staying over for just the weekend and be back in time to get back to school. When she however didn’t make it back, they became worried and repeatedly called her phone number which was now switched off.

Several days after, unable to reach her through calls and even text messages, Priscillia’s parents are said to have been contacted in Akamkpa LGA, Cross River State. Their attempt to reach her too hit the rocks and left them with no option but to inform the police in Calabar. “We were at the (police) station today. My friend and Priscillia’s dad will be heading to the bank to get her statement of account because the day she traveled they guy in question sent her transport”, one of the two friends told us. The visit to the bank to obtain her bank statement, appears for now to be the lifeline to establishing the identity of the person who invited her to Lagos and sent her transport money. While police sources in Calabar contacted confirmed that investigation into finding Priscillia has commenced, her friends are up in prayers hoping nothing bad has happened to her.

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