“Owan-Enoh And Goddy Agba Will Be Sacrificed” … PDP Chieftain

A top Peoples Democratic Party source in CRS, has told www.calitown.com that as the build-up to next year’s elections gathers momentum, ” (Liyel) Imoke and (Victor) Ndoma-Egba will fight each other to a standstill. At some point the party in Abuja will call for a truce and both men will as it is normal, pursue personal and selfish interests by sticking to their respective guns, accepting in the process, compromises that will consume the political ambitions of Owan-Enoh and Goddy Agba”
On condition of anonymity, the source also points to the fact that, “John Owan-Enoh and Goddy Agba, have senatorial and gubernatorial ambitions, supported by Imoke and Ndoma-Egba. Recall that Ndoma-Egba has made it clear he wants to go back to the Senate, something Imoke does not want to hear and Ndoma-Egba’s support for Agba that Imoke is certain must not be governor, is somewhat behind Imoke’s prompting of Owan-Enoh to run for Senate”. Hear him insist, “so that the Senate Leader and the governor do not lose face, Ndoma-Egba will likely walk back into the Senate, as part of the truce. On Imoke’s part, he will be allowed to select for CR, her next governor” to the consternation of Cross Riverians.

While all of this plays out, the greatest casualties will be this two young men and the larger Cross River “because both of them have towering credetials that we can use to advance the cause of this state, but that may not happen as Imoke and Ndoma-Egba are sticking to their guns at all cost”.

The situation is further heightened by the recent sacking of Sandy Onor, until recently, Imoke’s Environment Commissioner, in a move many see as his signal to the Ndoma-Egba political army that swords have been crossed. But the ‘opposing’ army is not letting down on her desire to stand up and be noticed. One insider submits that, “we will not fold our tails and let Imoke hound us all into letting him do as he wishes. It must be what the people want that must matter at the end of the day. Those Imoke may have made political promises to had better go and work instead of rely on a fast fading political magic wand”, the source concludes.

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